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The Newhouse was founded in 2004 in hefei, successful restructuring transformation in 2010. After a short span of 2, 3 years, The Newhouse take advantage of the network media and successful operation obtained the explosive growth, has opened in the province of huainan, bengbu, tongling 12 branch office, etc.

The Newhouse officially launched in 2004. After several changes, has become the indispensable tool that buy a house buyers heart. "The Newhouse, The right house" has become the consensus of people, and voice.

Since its inception, The Newhouse is always taking the concept of service for buyers, and by building and buyers communication bridge, build a platform to communicate with a netizen, meet the demand of different audiences to buy real estate.

The Newhouse has more than 10 real estate registered architects, real estate marketing planner, property management, real estate appraiser, have news team with rich experience of reporters at the same time, the background and strong technical support team. With high strength, The Newhouse has with the province nearly hundred enterprise established strategic cooperative relations. Through the integration of online resources, the use of large reserves, obtain satisfactory result, also let buyers out on his own home.

In the era of "Internet +", The Newhouse is using new technology, research and development of new products, promote new services. In 2016, The Newhouse with existing advantages, follow the trend of The Times, with "one-stop" work style service APP――ZHONG FANGHUI. This APP build China's first ever cheaper than the price of real estate and the pin platform, let each user can through the fingertips slide easily buy a house.

In front of honor and status in industry, The Newhouse constantly strengthen the breadth and depth in the field of business. In establishing the "trade multiple spanning development" strategy at the same time, from growth stage formally declared company stride across the stage of development, and actively restructuring, to prepare for the new three board listed. The development become the most advantage areas in anhui and east China market is quite influential real estate marketing website ahead.

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